Patton Boggs lobbying firm buys group run by Lott, Breaux

The union will further cement the firm run by Thomas Hale Boggs Jr. as Washington’s most formidable lobbying force, with more than $40 million in lobbying revenue last year. Breaux-Lott, which was formed in January 2008, reported about $11 million in lobbying expenditures in 2009, disclosure records show.

“This acquisition is a strategic coup and a cornerstone for our bipartisan growth,” Boggs said in a statement.

The merger marks a reunion of sorts for Boggs and the elder Breaux, who left Patton Boggs to form the partnership with Lott after the Mississippi senator retired from Congress. Breaux will focus on health-care, tax, financial services and energy issues at Patton Boggs, while Lott will concentrate on defense, tax and economic policies, according to the firm.