Reeves outlines agenda

Mississippi Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves told the Stennis Capitol Press Corps luncheon his focus this legislative session would be a cautious and conservative budget, eliminating the accelerated tax on small businesses and education reform.

“Our number one priority in Mississippi has to be job creation. But I have a political philosophy that says government doesn’t create jobs, it creates an environment for the private sector to create jobs,” Reeves told the group at the Capital Club in Jackson on Monday.

Reeves noted successes last session phased out the inventory tax so Mississippi can compete with other states, and enacted workers compensation reform to provide a level playing field for employers and employees.

Last session, the House and Senate could not agree on a bond bill and Reeves remarked it is the first time in many observers’ memories that no bonds were passed. He said he campaigned on bringing down the state’s bond debt and he remains serious about keeping that commitment. “I’m going to take the same approach in the 2013 session as I took in the 2012 session,” he said. He wants short term maintenance projects to be funded through appropriations, as well as spending like the local roads and bridges program. He doesn’t want to finance a three to seven year project over twenty years. “I’m willing to do no bond bill if it doesn’t meet [my] criteria,” he affirmed.

Brian Perry
Madison County Journal