BRIAN PERRY/The blame game and more

I found the Democrats’ manufactured outrage at state corruption in their response entertaining. They blamed Republicans, but two of the biggest corruption stories in recent years involved actions by the Department of Corrections Commissioner Chris Epps and Director of Marine Resources Bill Walker; both of whom were first appointed to those positions by Democratic Gov. Ronnie Musgrove.

The contracting and bid laws did not see significant reform when Democrats controlled the House of Representatives. The latest major reform came at the hands of Republicans in 2012: the Sunshine Act which regulated Democratic Attorney General Jim Hood’s ability to hire outside, contingency fee lawyers to earn millions of dollars on behalf of the state; many of whom have also been top campaign contributors to Hood.

That isn’t to diminish the need for additional reform. But Democrats are attempting to blame Republicans for a system they inherited from Democrats. Perhaps Republicans can be criticized for not changing policies of the Democrats fast enough. But using that as an appeal to elect Democrats is essentially: “Vote Democrat – We Do Corruption Better Than Republicans.”

Madison County Journal