Brown, Pike among QBs emerging from Tebow’s shadow

MOBILE, Ala. — In case you are wondering, Tim Tebow is not the only quarterback at the Senior Bowl.

Practicing in Tebow’s large shadow this week are five quarterbacks hoping to raise their status in the eyes of NFL personnel people. Two juniors not in Mobile — Sam Bradford of Oklahoma and Jimmy Clausen of Notre Dame — are considered the top quarterback prospects in this year’s NFL draft. Meanwhile, the six quarterbacks at the Senior Bowl have work to do if they are to become starting NFL quarterbacks.

Much has been said and written about Tebow’s inconsistency this week — finding open receivers too slowly, his long delivery and fumbling center-quarterback snaps. But how have the other quarterbacks fared?

Jarrett Brown, West Virginia
He did not enjoy a spectacular senior season as a starter, and he spent most of his career on the bench behind Pat White before that. But there is a lot to like about Brown, such as his strong arm and quick release. From Monday to Thursday, Brown showed improvement.

“Jarrett Brown is an interesting guy,” said Mike Mayock, draft analyst for the NFL Network. “When he has a clean pocket and clear vision to step into the throw, he looks better than anybody at this game. The problem is, where does he get the reps? He’s only been a one-year starter behind Pat White. Even if you draft him in the fifth round as a development guy, he’s not going to get the reps.”

Sean Canfield, Oregon State
Canfield (6-4, 214) has the size, accuracy and strong senior season to get drafted, but he probably has the weakest arm of the six Senior Bowl quarterbacks.

“The quarterbacks from the South team are more impressive,” Mayock said. “Their arm strength is better. All of these guys are coming from spread offenses, which means they are still learning. That’s what the NFL’s got to adjust to: There has to be a lot more coaching of these quarterbacks.”