Brumfield – Both Childers and Nunnelee polls are bogus

Seems like every other day, we get schmacked with a new “poll” about who’s ahead, who’s behind, whatever in this race for Congress.

That’s in between the campaigns schmacking each other with sometimes idiotic accusations.

Alan Nunnelee says he’s up 8 points. Travis Childers says he’s up 5 points. Nunnelee’s back, saying he’s up 7 points.

You know, I don’t believe either one of them. When you buy your own poll, the reader must be suspicious that there’s no way the public pronouncement isn’t going to be molded to suit your best purposes.

And there’s also the “margin of error” business. It costs a lot less because you poll many few people – like about 600 – for a margin of 4.9 percent. Much more accurate is a 2-3 percent margin, but rarely does a campaign want to pay for that with its hundreds more respondents.

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