Brumfield – Childers won’t work to repeal health care, says he’ll work to make it better

Republican candidates for north Mississippi’s U.S. House seat pledge to support attempts to repeal the new health care law.

The man one of them will oppose on the Nov. 2 general election ballot terms their promises short-sighted and pure politics.

“Calls to repeal the bill are politically motivated,” U.S. Rep. Travis Childers said Wednesday. “I voted against the bill. It’s time we move forward in working to make it better.”

The Booneville Democrat said that while he was one of 34 Democrats to vote against the bill, he supports many of its provisions, such as medical insurance exchanges, coverage for people with pre-existing conditions and the idea that if you like what you have, you can keep it.

“But for me, the bad – in particular, the high cost of the bill – outweighed the good,” he said. “I will continue to support common-sense reform provisions and work to change measures that would negatively impact the people of the 1st District.”

Calling for repeal are the three candidates hoping to win the Republican primary on June 2.