No wonder Nunnelee skipping Lite Gov’s race

Some political pros (not Dems) actually advised state Sen. Alan Nunnelee not to run for Congress. They say he’ll get creamed by Travis Childers.

But it looks like Nunnelee drank the GOP Kool-Aid, as we now know. He’s working hard to make it happen, and anybody who can read the tea-leaves ahead for 17 months is a bigger man than I am. (Well, you know, I not a man at all.)

From some folks close to the situation, Nunnelee really would prefer to run for lieutenant governor in 2011 after Phil Bryant goes for the Big Office. Nunnelee, a Tupelo senator, has toiled in the trenches for Bryant and Gov. Haley Barbour as he’s jockeyed for position in the next tier of GOP leadership.

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