Brumfield covers Nunnelee presser

State Sen. Alan Nunnelee of Tupelo knows his way around the political chicken yard.

Monday morning, he hosted a news conference about how he feels about the Obama health care plan.

He doesn’t like it. I would have been more surprised if the GOPer had said otherwise.

Least shocking was his statement that he “could never support Nancy Pelosi as speaker,” apparently because she “does not nor will she ever represent the views of North Mississippi.”

Let’s look at that paragraph a little closer and ask ourselves if the usually smart Nunnelee is trying to play a little joke:

1. Nunnelee is a Republican. Pelosi is a Democrat. I can’t say for sure, but it certainly would be a weird moment for a Republican to vote for a Democrat for this highly political office in the House.

Travis Childers has taken a good bit of political heat for his Pelosi vote. Childers has a rational answer: What do you think GOPer John Boehner would have done for me if I’d voted for him, as a Democrat.

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