BRUMFIELD – Curtis Ivy supporters are those bringing heat about Christi McCoy

Main Justice, a legal issues Web site, went to a lot of trouble this morning to blog about Mississippi’s USAttorney for the Northern District, especially adding to the talk about whether Oxford’s Christi R. McCoy has troubles (echo-troubles-bounce back-troubles) with her nomination. (Oh, that must mean other people are talking about it, too. Echo. Echo.)

Just the mention of troubles adds troubles, but still, there is no clear indication anything is wrong with McCoy’s name to President Obama for the North post.

What I should have been clearer about, before Main Justice decided to mention my insightful observations, is that apparently the chatter about McCoy’s troubles/selbuort (hold that up to a mirror) seems to be coming from people who really wish she has some troubles. And so, in repeating all that, they seem to amplify the echoes of their minds – rather Thomas Crowne Affair-ish, isn’t it? I’m talking about the Steve McQueen-Faye Dunaway version, please.

“Gee, this sure is taking a long time, so there must be trouble,” someone said quizzically to me this morning via mysterious phone call.

No, I said, if you’ll look, very few senators have rolled out their nominations. Even fewer have reached the Senate Judiciary Committee yet, too, apparently because Justice took a while to fill its top lawyer slots, which needed doing first.

I am not advocating for a bridge over troubled waters, for smooth sailing or any other song-title solutions.

I’m just saying this chatter about McCoy is starting to sound like it’s bounced off the dome of the U.S. Capitol and has bounced back to the speaker, then bounced back again, agai, aga, ag….

But hey, thanks for the mention, Main Justice.

On the Front Row ‘
Patsy Brumfield