A house for a gift? Keep on dreaming

Looking for that last-minute Christmas gift for the Missus?

If you’ve got $8.65 million stashed away or extremely good credit, you could get what Telluride Real Estate describes as “the ultimate trailside residence – reduced to sell.”

It’s the gorgeous former getaway of former Booneville attorney Joey Langston, who reports to federal prison in mid-January.Thus far, Langston is the only person whose legal ensnarement is known publicly in what’s being called Scruggs II, an investigation into claims former Oxford attorney Richard “Dickie” Scruggs and others conspired to bribe a Hinds circuit judge presiding over an asbestos-cases legal fees lawsuit against Scruggs.

The Mountain Village, Colo., log-style home built in 2001 looks like a Christmas postcard on www.telluriderealty.com.

It has 9,384 “estimated finished” square feet, five bedrooms, five full baths, fireplaces, a wine cellar, designer appliances and a heated, three-car garage, among other things, plus views of mountains and sunsets.

NE MS Daily Journal