BRUMFIELD – Internet chat heats up talk about U.S. Attorney choice

Christi R. McCoy’s nomination to the Northern District U.S. Attorney’s post is on track and hasn’t hit a snag, sources close to the process tell the Daily Journal.

Tuesday, at least two Internet blog sites insisted the candidacy had run into trouble because McCoy once worked for then-attorney Joey Langston in Booneville, where she grew up.

A former Booneville municipal judge, McCoy has been an attorney since 1994 and has her own law practice in Oxford.

What’s behind the electronic sniping?

“We’re getting to a point where a decision is going to be made,” said Oxford attorney Tom Freeland, who runs his own eclectic blog at

“It’s not surprising that people with interests on various sides are starting to show elbows.”

Daily Journal

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