My take: How much is “enough” when the feds go after you?

My blog post earlier today indicates the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Louisiana says indicted FBI agent Hal Neilson of Oxford – who recent underwent triple bypass surgery – has enough money to hire his own attorney.

They say, hey, he’s got leave pay while he’s suspended because he lost his security clearance. He’s got income from real estate, including a big storage facility and the Oxford FBI Building, which he is in trouble over with accusations he lied and failed to report his interest in the building. They say he’s got retirement money, too.

Frankly, it’s hard to believe that anyone short of the immensely wealthy really has enough money for a decent private attorney when the federal government goes after you. These guys don’t give up. Once they start down that road, they are like the snapping turtle that doesn’t turn loose until lightning strikes.

I don’t have a dog in this hunt.

But, really, it’s an issue that truly distresses me: When you really get into serious trouble, how many among us can afford the legal help we need?

From the Front Row
Patsy Brumfield