PATSY BRUMFIELD: Petition seeks vote on adequate school funding

Better Schools, Better Jobs believes the state should first pay for the education of our children. Without well-educated students, Mississippi cannot maintain a strong economy for the good jobs our citizens deserve.

The state of Mississippi apparently must be required to keep its education promise to our cities and counties, which now are bearing more of the financial burden because the promise has not been kept. Ask any mayor or supervisor, they will tell you.

Sometimes, the people have to remind their elected officials about what’s important, instead of the other way around. The passage of a constitutional amendment to ensure the state does its part for our schools is one way citizens can regain the power that rightly belongs to them and break through the political chatter of so many lobbyists at the state Capitol.

By signing a Better Schools, Better Jobs petition, you are calling for a vote on a crucial issue about this state’s and your community’s future.

Patsy R. Brumfield of Jackson is communications director for Better Schools, Better Jobs.

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