Brutal Championship a Fitting End to Worst. Season. Ever.

So. That just happened. The player of the year, according to the fans, got knocked out on his first drive and gave way to a true freshman. After raw, throbbing ineptitude lasting most of the game, said freshman made things interesting briefly before getting whacked for game-sealing fumble. The game was dominated by Mack Brown’s determination to 1954 his way to a close loss and Nick Saban’s determination to let him. Maybe we could all be less crotchety if Texas’s potential game-winning drive contained at least one completion. It did not.

There’s no better summary of the game than the final run-up-the-score touchdown, after which Saban got a Gatorade bucket to the side of the head and the kicker missed the extra point. It was ugly.

It doesn’t have to be like this. A while ago, during the heyday of Dr. Z’s online mailbag columns, he explained his disdain for the college game by grousing that you always knew who was going to be good and the result was largely boredom. I love me some Dr. Z, but I’ve always thought that was the most ridiculous thing he’d ever written. College football is nothing if not completely bats. Remember a couple years back when being #2 was a death sentence? Exactly.