Bryan Fischer Ousted As ‘Family’ Group Spokesman Ahead Of RNC Israel Trip

The president of social conservative group American Family Association said Wednesday that the organization had relieved longtime spokesman Bryan Fischer of his duties, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow reported.

Fischer, an evangelical radio host, joined the organization in 2009 as its “director of issue analysis for government and public policy” and as a spokesman, according to a cached version of his bio page on AFA’s website. That page has been removed.

The news of Fischer’s firing came as “The Rachel Maddow Show” inquired about AFA’s sponsoring of an upcoming trip to Israel for Republican National Committee members…

…”Bryan Fischer is just a talk show host,” Wildmon told Maddow on Wednesday, adding that Fischer should not be considered an AFA spokesman.

When asked why Fischer was suddenly being dropped from that role, Wildmon cited Fischer’s comments on Hitler and homosexuality, telling Maddow “we reject that.”

Fischer appears to have retained his position as an AFA radio host, however: