Ross Campaign Stoops To New Low

As everyone in Mississippi knows by now, Charlie Ross’ campaign has focused 100% of its efforts on running a negative, misleading campaign over the past few weeks leading up to Tuesday Primary Election. And now, the Charlie Ross campaign has stooped to a new low by sending out mail with a photo of Phil Bryant to poke fun at Phil for riding a tricycle-but they don’t tell you that Phil was riding a tricycle as part of a fundraising event called the “Willowood 500” to benefit the Willowood Developmental Center in Jackson. Willowood is a non-profit school, work center and home for many developmentally disabled children and adults in the metro Jackson area. Phil and every statewide elected official participated and helped raise more than $100,000 for Willowood in this tricycle race, and while the Charlie Ross campaign may find it humorous, Phil Bryant believes if riding a tricycle helps raise $100,000 for Willowood’s efforts, it is for a good cause and should not be used in a negative attack mail piece by the Ross campaign. If you would like more information about Willowood or would like to contribute to this good cause, please CLICK HERE.

Phil Bryant’s Grassroots Campaign
This weekend, Monday and Tuesday, Phil Bryant’s grassroots organization is kicking into high gear with door-to-door neighborhood walks all across the state. This past Saturday, 75 Phil Bryant for Lt. Governor campaign volunteers helped distribute literature about Phil Bryant’s campaign in Rankin and Madison Counties.

New Phil Bryant TV Ad Asks Mississippians For Their Vote
Watch Phil Bryant’s most recent TV ad that tells about Phil’s focus on issues like better schools, fighting crime and stopping illegal immigration-and asking Mississippians for their vote on Tuesday and to send a message that they’re tired of the mudslinging by the Ross campaign. CLICK HERE to watch the new TV ad.

Vote Tuesday In The Republican Primary
Tuesday, August 7 is almost here! Be sure to encourage your family, friends and neighbors to vote for Phil Bryant for Lt. Governor in the Republican Primary. Help elect Phil by making sure you tell at least 10 people on Monday to vote for Phil on Tuesday. THANK YOU.