Governor Phil Bryant calls reorganization bills attempts to get “continuum of health” in state

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) – Two pending bills could increase Governor Phil Bryant’s power over health in the state.

The Department of Health, Mental Health and Rehab services would be be moved under the Governor’s policy direction. He would select the directors and the boards would just serve an advisory role.

“We’re trying to change from the commission form of government, all these commissions and boards that’s been 65 to 70% of the budget, back to an executive/legislative method of running government in Mississippi—where people are accountable to an elected official who is in accountable to the taxpayers,” said Governor Bryant.

Governor Bryant says 44 other states’ Governors appoint the director of their health departments, but the chairmen of two of the boards in potential limbo, say the current structure is what’s best for Mississippians.