Bryant is tight with Trump, but doesn’t want patronage

They’ve hit it off to the point Trump has tapped Bryant among a handful of surrogates to make campaign appearances for him across the country as the campaign enters the home stretch. Others include New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions and Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

Bryant has had a good deal of face time with Trump, including recent visits to Trump Tower in New York. State politicos marvel that Trump often makes a B-line to Bryant even in a crowded room of VIPs. One story goes that Trump even ditched his Secret Service detail to get on an elevator with Bryant in Trump Tower, then gave Bryant a personal tour of his “war room.”…

… Some state politicos have already been kicking around the possibility of Bryant as secretary of agriculture or energy or other such post.

But Bryant says he’s not interested in such patronage. He suspects that’s maybe one reason he and Trump “just hit it off.”

“I think one reason we get along so well is that I don’t need anything,” Bryant said last week, shortly after keynoting a Trump fundraiser in Louisiana hosted by Louisiana Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser and others. “I don’t want to go to Washington. No, not at all. I don’t see any circumstances where I would leave Mississippi and the governor’s office and go to Washington. I’m just focused on helping him win.”

Clarion Ledger