Bryant may prefer Legislature instead of courts to face BlueCross

Gov. Phil Bryant may not be ending his battle with BlueCross & BlueShield, but instead may be moving the contest to a different venue – a political venue where he has more expertise – the Mississippi Legislature.

Bryant, for whatever reason, decided last week he did not want to fight insurance company BlueCross in the courtroom.

The Republican governor rescinded a portion of a controversial executive order that was requiring BlueCross to reinstate 10 privately owned hospitals across the state into its health care network.

With the rescinding of the order, BlueCross dropped its federal lawsuit challenging the authority of Bryant to issue the executive order.

But in rescinding the executive order, the first-term governor hinted the fight might not be over. “If there is no private or administrative solution to this matter, I expect legislative action during the 2014 session,” the governor said.

Daily Journal