Bryant, Monsour Launch Expanded Media Company

The Vicksburg Tribune founder Paul Bryant and Julep Magazine Editor Amanda Monsour have teamed up to launch The Mississippi Tribune, the statewide online newspaper that counters liberal bias in the mainstream media and offers readers and advertisers a product that does not exist elsewhere in Mississippi.

“This is an exciting time for our supporters and for us, as well,” Bryant said. “I am thrilled to welcome Amanda into this company as co-owner. She brings a deep knowledge of business, this community, and the media industry to The Vicksburg Tribune, and I could not be happier about the partnership we have formed. As founder, I have very high expectations of this newspaper, and I look forward to exceeding those expectations with the team we have put together.”

Monsour acquired an interest in The Vicksburg Tribune in October, two months after The Vicksburg Tribune was founded.

The Mississippi Tribune is the alternative to liberal media, delivering news, photos, blogs, forums, and other content to both sides of the political argument.

“For far too long, the biased media has been allowed to manufacture, skew, and otherwise taint the news, especially political news,” Bryant said. “While this has been going on for a while, it became abundantly clear particularly during the 2008 presidential election that the mainstream media favors the left side of the political aisle, leaving the right with a diminishing voice in news coverage. Although in a perfect world no news organization would be able to influence politics, that is simply not the case. Republicans need to be heard, and The Mississippi Tribune provides a place for that.”

Although the newspaper is clearly focused on state, local, and national politics, Vicksburg will be covered daily, in real time.

“The changing news organization is turning to online media to best serve its readers and advertisers,” Bryant said. “The Mississippi Tribune is no different. But we can promise you this: we’ll do it better and smarter than the other guys. We’ll be the ones you can count on every day.”

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