Bryant promises push for new levee to protect flood-prone southern Delta area

Gov. Phil Bryant said Friday that he supports a new levee to protect a flood-prone rural area along the Yazoo River north of Vicksburg that was damaged in last year’s Mississippi River flood.

Bryant made the pledge to the annual meeting of the Delta Council, held at Delta State University.

The west bank of the Yazoo, running north through parts of Warren, Yazoo and Humphreys counties, is unprotected by levees, as is a section of the east bank in Yazoo County. The area floods when the Mississippi River rises and water backs up the Yazoo. In 2011, 200,000 acres in the region were submerged, officials say. Most of that was farmland, but hundreds of structures were also damaged.

“The plan is designed to hold back the floods that occurred along the Yazoo River and around Carter and Rocky Bayou,” Bryant said. “We stand with you to avert these disasters.”