Bryant supports ‘loser pays’ law

On the campaign trail for president, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has bragged his state’s new “loser pays” law goes a long way to telling “trial lawyers to get out of your state.”

Gov.-elect Phil Bryant has already expressed support for “loser pays.”

He continues to monitor the effect of that change in Texas, said spokesman Mick Bullock. “In a recent visit to the Texas Medical Center, the governor-elect heard about how this legislation has benefited health care professionals in that state.”

But the insurer that provides malpractice coverage to almost half of Mississippi’s physicians doesn’t see any need for more tort reform, with lawsuits falling 73 percent in the last eight years.

“Loser pays” has been discussed in the past by lawmakers, and “it continues to be discussed,” said state Sen. Terry Burton, R-Newton.

Jerry Mitchell
Clarion Ledger