Bryant tells Boy State running for governor “good possiblity”

The lieutenant governor also fielded a question concerning the “good possibility” that he will run for governor in 2011, analogizing a football team to describe how seeking that office is the next step for him.

“If you owned a pro football team and the quarterback said, ‘I don’t ever really want to go to the Super Bowl,’ would you keep him? No!” Bryant said. “You want a quarterback who wants to go all the way, and going all the way could mean running for governor.”

Bryant said he could bring experience to the governor’s office, pointing out that he has worked with governors for 15 years through positions in the House and as state auditor.

“I think you have to know what you stand for – I’m a conservative Republican,” he said. “You may say, ‘Well, that’s not what we want.’ Well, don’t vote for me.”

Brookhaven Daily Leader