Bryant wants MS agencies’ budgets based on performance results

If Governor-elect Phil Bryant has his way, the legislature will adopt the Smart Budget Act which gives a committee the authority to evaluate whether state agencies are meeting expectations required by law. How much money agencies receive from the state would be based on results.

“I am not a fan of the current budgeting system for it is antiquated,” said Bryant in a news release. “This year our state agencies requested more than $1 Billion in new spending. Our state can’t foot the bill for increased spending of that nature. A performance-based budgeting system would require agencies to justify spending.”

Rep. Read said, “I think that all agencies should be run efficiently and watch out for the taxpayers’ dollars. Performance based I think would fall under efficiency. If you operate in efficiency, you should be improving your performance at the least cost to the taxpayers.”

“Now, as far as passing legislation for performance based, other states have done it, but one shoe doesn’t fit all. I don’t know exactly what we would come up with, and I’d have to look at it before I’d pass judgement as to what it would do.”

Twenty-two states now use performance-based budgeting with Nevada in the process of implementing the system. Over the next few months, our state lawmakers will determine whether Mississippi will join that list.

WLOX also talked to the Coast’s senior House Democrat Billy Broomfield of Moss Point who sees no reason to change the budgeting process that has been in place in 1890. He said funding requests from agencies are carefully reviewed by committees, are not taken lightly, and rarely does an agency receive the amount it requests.