“The Governor’s Executive Budget recommendations reflect the current revenue downfall the State continues to face. As always the Governor’s input is vital as we move along in the budget process together.

On March 25th House and Senate Budget negotiators and the Governor agreed upon $5.4 billion in state revenue. This allowed negotiators to continue moving along in crafting the 2011 budget. We have been meeting these past few weeks and I feel very confident budget negotiators will come to a decision as the legislature returns April 20th.

Governor Barbour also stated that the legislature should not exempt itself from budget cuts while other state agencies and departments have to make these same tough decisions. I agree with the Governor’s stand and in fact that is why the Mississippi Senate in fiscal 2009 cut its budget 5% or $191,182 and 6% or $273,802 for fiscal 2010. I have made similar recommendations for fiscal 2011 as well. The Senate voted to reduce legislative pay by 10%, have reduced staff in the Senate, prohibited out of state travel, and found ways to operate more efficiently.”