Bulldogs braced for battle over cowbells
MSU’s tradition defies enforcement at gate, but noise-weary league may implement fines

Those against the cowbell claim that the pealing bells make for too loud an atmosphere.
State officials would submit that a cowbell-ringing crowd at 55,082-seat Scott Field isn’t as loud as crowds at behemoth venues like the ones at Tennessee, Florida and LSU.

And State, too, would argue that noise is a positive to a fun atmosphere, not a negative. They’ll point to how the game, using such things as a silent snap count, has evolved from the days in which officials could stop games to ask the crowd to be quiet.

State raised the ire of some around the league with its sometimes subtle, sometimes not-so-subtle promotion of the cowbell in recent years. Last season, coach Dan Mullen urged fans to bring their bells and the school played the Saturday Night Live cowbell skit with Christopher Walken more than once.

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