Bulldogs building on the three Ds

STARKVILLE – It’s a simple message, really. And to the point.
Discipline. Details. Determination.

Yet, it’s one that isn’t being taken lightly during these dog days of summer.
Take a casual walk through Mississippi State’s weight room and you’ll undoubtedly notice numerous groups of players hoarded around the various workout machines taking turns with their repetitions.
Or, glance over at the practice fields, where you’ll witness unsupervised drills unfolding. On one side, it’s quarterbacks and receivers working on timing. On the other, you might see offensive and defensive linemen fine tuning their techniques or defensive backs and linebackers doing calisthenics.

It’s all part of the discipline, details and determination theme the players find themselves challenge with. And just in case friendly reminders are necessary, the three Ds are printed on all the workout attire.
“Everybody is just trying to get in shape and get stronger before August,” said senior linebacker Jamar Chaney, who led the Bulldogs with 89 tackles last season. “For me, I’m just trying to improve everything from speed to flexibility.”
With the start of practice just a little more than two weeks away, every scholarship player attended at least one of the two summer school sessions.
And being on campus equated into the players participating in the voluntary workouts.
No problem, said quarterback Wesley Carroll.