Bulldogs RB: Dixon targeting missing’ yards

STARKVILLE – As good a season as it was, and by any account it was indeed a success, Anthony Dixon felt it could have been better.
So did his coach, Sylvester Croom.
Still, the junior from Terry rushed for 1,066 yards and found the end zone 14 times in 2007
But every game, both say, yards were left on the field.
Croom, in his fifth season overseeing the Mississippi State program, estimated Dixon could have easily rushed for another 500 yards if he’d correctly read blocks, didn’t run out of bounds as much and made the right moves to get around defenders.
To further illustrate his point, he broke down a play in the Liberty Bowl win against Central Florida that should have resulted in major yardage and a touchdown.
“He and the safety are one-on-one, and coming from 12 yards deep the guy makes the tackle for a 6-yard gain,” Croom explained. “He’s got to beat that guy. There’s nobody else behind him.