Mississippi State’s football team practiced for just over two hours on Wednesday, focusing on situational drills. The Bulldogs moved inside the Palmeiro Center as scattered thunderstorms threatened the area for most of the day.

“Same song, different day,” MSU coach Sylvester Croom said after the workout. “We got some good work done; focused on third downs and worked with different personnel packages.”

The team continued to broaden its playbook, both on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball.

“We’re trying to show the defense as much as we can,” Croom said. “We’re giving them as many different looks as they’ll see all season.

“But that’ll all end after tomorrow,” the head coach continued. “We still have a few situations to review: offense backed up (at the goal line), 2-minute, 4-minute offenses. But we’ll turn our focus to Louisiana Tech after that.”

The Bulldogs were joined by a new face on the practice field today, as freshman Trevor Stigers participated for the first time. Stigers had been awaiting final approval from the NCAA Clearinghouse.

Also on Wednesday, Mississippi State offensive coordinator Woody McCorvey was released from the hospital. McCorvey is resting comfortably at home and his return to the team has not been determined.