Bulldogs WR: Wealth of choices pleasing Croom

STARKVILLE – If you ask Sylvester Croom about his starting receivers, don’t expect a definitive answer.
At least not yet.
It’s not that he’s ignoring the subject matter or trying to be secretive. It’s just that he’s not sure. Plain and simple.

And according to the fifth-year Mississippi State coach, that’s not a bad thing.
In fact, Croom has been pleased with the way all his wideouts have performed so far in camp. To the point it’s hard to distinguish between starters and backups.
“Well, those first four guys – Jamayel Smith, Brandon McRae and Aubrey Bell – have made big, big moves. Co-Eric (Riley) has been playing well, but he’s got a little bit of a bruise now,” Croom explained. “They’re all four going to play, but who exactly is going to be listed as the starters is still up in the air.
“It will be two of those four, that’s for sure. I don’t have any problems with that group. They’re working awful hard and catching the ball well. Their routes are good. We’ve just got to execute better.”