As we all know, Supreme Court races like most judicial races are non-partisan elections. But just because they are non-partisan doesn’t mean the two main politicial parties won’t endorse a candidate that more closely aligns with their values and beliefs.

Not surprisingly, the Mississippi Democratic Party endorsed State Rep. Earle Banks in the central district Supreme Court race against incumbent Chief Justice Bill Waller. No one would have expected anything less.

Waller was previously endorsed by the Mississippi Republican Party.

What is interesting is what’s absent from the release announcing the Mississippi Democratic Party’s support for Banks.

Where is the Democrats’ endorsement of northern district Supreme Court candidate Richard ‘Flip’ Phillips?

There is no question that Phillips fits the liberal mold, so why did the Democrats not endorse him as well? What are they trying to hide?

The answer is obvious – Phillips and Republican endorsed Josiah Coleman are in an all out battle heading into November 6th. It would not surprise us if Phillips’ campaign politely declined the Mississippi Democratic Party’s endorsement knowing full well the burdensome weight such a move would bring to his pursuit. Being a Democrat in Mississippi or having the endorsement of a Democrat in Mississippi these days spells L-O-S-S. There simply is no upside for Phillips to seek and accept a Democratic endorsement.

But make no mistake, whether he is endorsed by the Mississippi Democratic Party or not, Phillips is not a conservative candidate for the Supreme Court. His trial lawyer ways and past writings point clearly to such truth.

Banks has nothing to lose in accepting the Democrats’ endorsement; Phillips, however, has everything to lose.