AUBURN — Quarterback Kodi Burns has a chance to start for Auburn Saturday against Arkansas, coach Tommy Tuberville said Tuesday. But Burns said that as far as he knows, Chris Todd remains No. 1.

“It could happen,” Tuber ville said. “It just depends on the game plan and how they (Todd and Burns) practice all the way through Thursday. The main thing is that both of them stay focused and keep practicing like they’re going to be the starter. They have pretty much all year long. It’s just one of those situations where you only have one quarterback.”

Burns said he and Todd continue to take a roughly equal amount of reps in practice. He said coaches haven’t talked to him about starting.

“That’s up for the coaches to decide,” he said. “All I can do is just keep going out and practicing and working hard every day.”

— GONE HUNTIN’: Tuberville joked about reports last December that he had been hired as head coach at Arkansas. The reports were quickly denied by Auburn officials, and the Razorbacks eventually hired Bobby Petrino.

Tuberville was on a hunting trip in Arkansas while the saga played out.

“Every year I go on a hunting trip and I tell everyone that,” he said. “It’s either duck hunting or deer hunting. Most of the friends I grew up with live over in that area. We all get together after Thanksgiving. It’s time to blow off steam. They (Arkansas) just happened to have a job open last year. I wasn’t looking and I’m not looking. That’s just how rumors get started. It is ironic that I go over there every year and it was reported that I was over there in Arkansas. It sells papers, I’m sure. It gets people to turn on TV sets. Bloggers had a good time. All the talk shows really had fun. There has got to be more to talk about than a guy going duck hunting or deer hunting. I will be going back this year. Go ahead and print it now so it won’t be a surprise.”