Burns, Todd both to play

AUBURN, Ala. –Six days away from Auburn’s first game of the season, the Tigers still haven’t announced a starting quarterback.
And it may not even matter when they do decide whether Kodi Burns or Chris Todd will take the first snap against Louisiana-Monroe.
“They’re both gonna play anyway,” said Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville, who had an easy solution to the problem.
“We might send ’em out and if it’s heads, we might play one and if it’s tails, we might play the other one.”

The Auburn coach was obviously exaggerating, but the Tigers’ coaches and players have never conveyed the impression this preseason that one had separated himself from the other.
Quite the opposite, in fact.
“Both of them can throw the ball. They throw the same to me,” said Auburn receiver Chris Slaughter, who said the duo was splitting practice repetitions 50-50 as of midweek. “As long as they’re getting ball to the receivers, we don’t really care.”
Even the quarterbacks themselves have tried to diffuse the competition aspect of their race to become Auburn’s starter. They have repeatedly claimed to be friends off the field and visibly support one another on it.