The Hattiesburg American, 7/22/7

Four Democrats are looking to unseat incumbent Gov. Haley Barbour, largely because they view him as a big business governor.

“The real question is: ‘Who does he serve?'” said John Arthur Eaves Jr., 40, a Madison Democrat and trial lawyer who has mounted the largest campaign against the well-funded incumbent. “Big oil and big industry – that’s who – and it’s that type of thinking that’s holding us back. My loyalty and my interest is only with the people of Mississippi.”

“I am pro jobs,” the governor said. “Under my Democrat predecessor, Mississippi had a net loss of 38,000 jobs. Since I have been in office we have had a net increase of 40,000 jobs and recovered 70,000 jobs lost because of Hurricane Katrina. More people are employed in Mississippi today than any other time in our state.”