Bust or not a bust? A look back at 2006’s first round

In our collective obsession with each year’s draft, we rarely if ever devote much time to the scrutiny of past drafts.
It isn’t enough to reevaluate a draft one year later. Three years are needed to fully assess whether a draft pick is a bust or not.
So let’s rewind to 2006 and look at the careers of the men taken in Round 1. Here’s the only ground rule: The higher the player was picked, the greater the expectations.

1. Mario Williams, defensive end, Texans: After a so-so rookie season, Williams has developed into a solid player. Though he’s not yet (and might never be) as good as Reggie White (then again, who is?), he’s the best player to emerge from the top 10. Verdict (for now): Not a bust.