Amidst Scandal, Senate Conservatives Aren’t Rushing To Defend Mississippi Tea Party Upstart

But if the Mississippi tea partyer was hoping for a last-minute shot in the arm from Senate conservatives before Tuesday’s primary election, it doesn’t appear to be coming.

“This election is ultimately going to be about policies, not personalities; specifics, not spin,” Sen. Mike Lee said in a statement to BuzzFeed. “People not only want to hear where the candidates are on the issues, but the specific policy proposals they support that will accomplish real reform. So yes, issue-based campaigns are more prominent because, in true democratic fashion, candidates are responding to what voters want in this election cycle.”

A spokesperson for Sen. Ted Cruz was similarly vague in response to questions about McDaniel’s campaign, saying first that Cruz would leave “the pundits to speculate on other’s campaign tactics.”

“The senator has said before that we should respect the primary process and work together to elect a majority — not for the mere sake of a majority — but for a majority that commits in no uncertain terms to reject Washington business as usual, restore the Constitution, and enact meaningful reform,” Cruz spokeswoman Catherine Frazier said in a statement. “He stands ready to work with anyone who commits to reduce the ever-growing power that the federal government imposes on the daily lives of the people.”

As for Sen. Rand Paul, whom, along with Lee and Cruz, McDaniel has repeatedly cited as a model for his approach to politics, his office did not respond to requests for comment.