Byrne foresees video board as an asset

If all goes to Greg Byrne’s plan, Scott Field at Davis Wade Stadium will have a very different look throughout the upcoming football season.
The athletic director has set into action an effort to construct a high-definition video board above the Leo Seal Building just beyond the south end zone of the field.
In total, the project will cost Mississippi State $6.1 million. When it is complete – a time Byrne hopes will come in October – the board itself will measure 152 feet in width and 135 feet in height. The HD screen will be 111 feet wide by 47 feet.
For two reasons, Byrne sees this venture as worthwhile for MSU.
“I think we have the opportunity to construct this board at a time when we all know a board like this is part of the game experience,” Byrne said. “It’s something the fans want as a part of the total game experience.”
Quickly, though, Byrne was pointed out his second reason for constructing this item.
“This is going to be a revenue experience, too,” Byrne said. “It will be easier to bring marketing into play with a board like this.”