CA – 1st District hopefuls address Tea Party gathering

Four of the 11 candidates seeking Mississippi’s 1st District House seat came to Southaven on Tuesday night to answer hot-button questions posed by the Mississippi Tea Party.

The incumbent and lone Democrat, Rep. Travis Childers, did not attend. Nor did perceived Republican front-runner Alan Nunnelee of Tupelo. A spokesman said Nunnelee, a state senator, was dealing with the budget in Jackson, where legislators reconvened earlier in the day.

Those who did attend the question-and-answer session in the gymnasium of DeSoto Central High School included Republicans Henry Ross and Angela McGlowan, along with Independents Les Green of Hernando and Wally Pang of Batesville.

Questions focused on topics popular with the mostly conservative, and largely Republican, Tea Party constituency, such as immigration, controlling spending and term limits.

For the most part, candidates expressed similar views — cutting back many social programs to control spending and drastically curbing immigration — but did occasionally differentiate themselves.

On the issue of term limits, for example, McGlowan said she was reluctant to commit to limits, saying she thought voters should impose limits via the ballot box.

“You have the chance to fire us every two years,” the former Fox News commentator from Oxford said of congressional candidates. “You term-limit me.”

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