Nunnelee fires back at mailers

Nunnelee spokesman Morgan Baldwin said the mailers to North Mississippi voters came from a Washington post office box linked to the Citizens for Strength and Security.

The release characterizes the group as a “shady ‘527’ organization … funded primarily by the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), a radical left-wing labor group.”

A 527 group is a type of tax-exempt organization.

The address listed on the mailers is a UPS store mailbox, but Baldwin said he confirmed through two sources that the box is registered to Citizens for Strength and Security.

“North Mississippians should ask themselves one simple question,” said Andy Sere, a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee, “Why is a left-wing labor union that supported Obamacare helping Travis Childers?”

But Brad Morris, senior policy adviser to Childers, said Childers has nothing to do with the mailer.

“The Nunnelee release makes no sense to me, and there is no basis for them bringing Travis into it,” Morris said. “I still have not seen an actual copy of the mail piece, nor am I familiar with the group cited.”

Commercial Appeal