CA – New proposed meth law is worth the inconvenience it causes cold sufferers

Mississippi’s and Oregon’s laws are designed to prevent “smurfing,” in which meth cookers and their cohorts visit numerous pharmacies to purchase more than the legal limit of pseudoephedrine.

Critics of the Mississippi bill said it unfairly punishes law-abiding cold and allergy sufferers. They added it would aggravate the state’s Medicaid funding problems by requiring people to visit a doctor to get relief for clogged sinuses.

Almost daily news media reports about a new meth lab bust illustrate the pervasiveness of the meth problem. The law Barbour is expected to sign won’t eliminate that problem, but it will make it harder to obtain the key ingredient to make meth.

That’s worth the inconvenience and, anyway, a pharmacist should be able to recommend a suitable alternative.

Commercial Appeal