CA – Karl Rove speaking at a Nunnelee fundraiser said GOP win in Mass. was a referendum

A day after Republicans won a longtime Democratic Senate seat in Massachusetts, former presidential adviser Karl Rove called the win a referendum on the people’s dissatisfaction with President Barack Obama and his handling of a “toxic stew” of problems in Washington.

Rove, George W. Bush’s senior adviser who was in Memphis on Wednesday for a fundraiser, said Republican Scott Brown’s win of a seat long held by Democrat Edward Kennedy further signals a GOP comeback in Washington, following the Democratic takeover of 2008.

“I can’t think of another special election with bigger ramifications for this country,” Rove said. “My view is that Scott Brown won because the people of Massachusetts wanted to deliver a verdict. Not just on health care but on the whole, what they’ve seen in the last year.”

Others attending the fundraiser for Mississippi Republican Alan Nunnelee at the Memphis Racquet Club heartily endorsed Rove’s belief that Massachusetts foreshadows trouble for Democrats nationwide.

Nunnelee, who is hoping to unseat U.S. Rep. Travis Childers, D-Miss., said residents in Massachusetts — “of all places” — sent a message against big government and tax increases.

“That message resonates throughout northern Mississippi, and we’re going to see an overwhelming response,” he said.