Call it a hunch, but I think I smell jet fuel (Tuberville)

He could’ve taken my question and thrown it back in my face and stormed off the stage and out the door.
He did none of those things because he’s a better man than that, but the kind of man he is isn’t the question of the moment for the Auburn football program.
The question I asked him Saturday night is the question everyone in the room, in the state and in the Auburn family had to be asking himself after Arkansas 25, Auburn 22.

Given the expectations before the season, the performance to date and the schedule to come, will Tuberville be coaching the rest of this season to save his job?
“I hope, you know, to be here,” he said. “You know, you have good years, then you have one bad year, you know, so be it, you know. It’ll work its way out. I don’t worry about those things.