CALLEN, LATINO, TAYLOR – Time to expand education scholarship program to provide school choice for all students

An expanded ESA would allow more families to take control of a portion of the existing state education funding that is already spent on their children. Local taxes collected for local schools would stay put. Both schools and families could spend money more efficiently.
Research demonstrates that education choice programs like ESAs benefit all children. The vast majority of gold standard studies show greater academic achievement for both students in choice programs and those in nearby public schools. Students, families, teachers, and school leaders can thrive when education is about student success instead of the status quo.

Mississippi has made great progress in education reform in the last six years. Our leaders often don’t get enough credit for the courage they have demonstrated and the results we are seeing. 2018 has the potential to take us to the next step. We proudly stand with those who want to give more opportunities to more Mississippi families by expanding the ESA program.

Clarion Ledger