The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal Editorial, 10/8/8

The reported surge in voter registrations across Northeast Mississippi for the general election in November should signal candidates for the U.S. House and Senate that citizens are restless, seeking more and better from those in high office and those seeking to win high office.

The 2008 election cycle has seen four votes already in the race for the 1st District House seat, with a regular term going to the winner of the Nov. 4 contests.

In the Senate races, the special election contest between interim Sen. Roger Wicker, the Republican former congressman from the 1st District, and former Gov. Ronnie Musgrove, a Democrat, is close by the polls, and heated.

The regular election race between five-term incumbent Sen. Thad Cochran, a Republican, and challenger Erik Fleming, a Democratic former legislator, is less closely contested.

Since May, when Rep. Travis Childers, D-Booneville, defeated Republican Greg Davis, R-Southaven, in a special election, the dynamics of the 1st District campaign have changed for the better. Davis’ primary and special election campaigns were characterized by sharply negative advertising, and their tone was widely cited as a reason for his defeat by Childers.