Can a choirboy be USC’s savior at QB?

USC football coaches were so starved for a player like Aramis Hillary they could say, hey, we recruited a quarterback, not a choirboy.
The only hang-up? Hillary does not have character issues. In fact, he is a choirboy.
“I’m a lead background tenor,” Hillary said of his role in a small church choir in his hometown of North Augusta. His older brother Coco has a bigger role in the choir, which also includes Hillary’s sister and cousins.
So how does Aramis rate his singing?
“Not too well,” he said. “I kinda stay in the background a little bit.”
That might be tougher to do in the fall on the football field.
Hillary has yet to take a snap at a Gamecocks practice, might never rise above fourth on the depth chart and was not a nationally ranked recruit. Yet he has received as much attention in the offseason as any USC quarterback not named Stephen Garcia.
“Watch out for Aramis Hillary,” coach Steve Spurrier said this summer. “This young man loves football, and he loves everything about playing quarterback, loves South Carolina. So who knows what all’s going to happen this year.”