Can Les Miles’ Season Get Any Madder?

Auburn and LSU are the last two undefeated SEC teams. The prestigious Duffy poll rates them the country’s two most accomplished teams. These games have been compelling. Every one from 2004 to 2008 finished with a margin of six points or less. The home team has won five of the last six. LSU’s defense versus Cameron Newton will be compelling. LSU’s offense and Auburn’s defense will slap each other with silk gloves until one side concedes out of boredom.
Counterintuitively, the X-factor may be Jordan Jefferson. He’s awful, but he was once merely inconsistent. He had a solid game last year against Auburn, 21/31, 242 yards and two touchdowns. Auburn should press forward to stop the run, leaving their secondary exposed. If Jefferson can be a credible quarterback, LSU should have the advantage. If that is what is required, bet on Auburn at home.