The New York Times crowd is all abuzz about racially charged ads from Democratic Challenger Nikki Tinker against incumbent Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN).

Here’s the ad.

It’s a disgusting ad and deserves the scorn it now receives. There is apparently a subsequent ad that Cohen’s campaign has produced that has some code worded anti-Semitic language aimed at Cohen. It has, of course, been pulled from YouTube.

Mr. Cohen’s campaign said it was an unusually direct effort to inject race into the contest.

Oh, really?

The DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee) put out this ad on behalf of Travis Childers on the eve of his election.

The ad proudly proclaimed “It’s up to us to stop him (Davis)”.

I suppose that when charges of supporting a statue linked to the KKK get levelled at a Democrat, the world must stop and hiss. When it happens to a Republican like Greg Davis, it’s business as usual. The DCCC in fact defended the flier’s distribution in the Childers vs. Davis race. And when it happened, the New York Times, Commercial Appeal, and the Clarion Ledger were nowhere to be found . . . and they remain silent still.