Can Tim Tebow Run An NFL Offense? The Answer Really Doesn’t Matter Much!

The big question about Tim Tebow leading up to the draft: “Can he run an NFL offense?”
In a way, the very question is unfair: loaded. It is never asked about very flawed QB prospects that the media and most NFL scouts, GMs, and coaches want to succeed. Instead, it is a question asked about guys that they really don’t want to succeed and for whatever reason want to keep out of the NFL.

In Tebow’s case, it is nothing against him personally. Quite the contrary, it would be fabulous for the NFL were Tebow to succeed, and even more so if he went to a southern, midwestern, or small market team where because of his background and beliefs he would be embraced as one of their own and become a local or regional hero.(Tebow in New York, Seattle, Oakland or San Francisco on the other hand … not as good a fit.)