The Mississippi Daily Journal, 10/5/7

“If you don’t know what he would do if he was elected governor, don’t be embarrassed because he doesn’t know what he would do either,” Gov. Haley Barbour said of his opponent, John Arthur Eaves.

“We have litigated that once before and we have seen the outcome,” Barbour said referring to the fact that in 2003 he defeated Ronnie Musgrove who harped on the fact he was a lobbyist.

“The governor likes to talk about his record, but it is not a record I would be proud of,” Eaves said, saying the state has the worst infant mortality rate and the highest dropout rate.

“The governor did not answer the question. When my children play a game with me, you know you have them caught when they start talking fast, not answering the question and start talking about something different,” Eaves said when referring to Barbour’s answer about his blind trust.