Candidates in House race tie will draw straws on Friday

Tullos said there will be a bag with two boxes in it and straws inside the boxes. Eaton — who was listed first on the ballot — will draw a box first. Whoever draws the box with the “long green straw” will be declared the winner, for now.

Tullos said he would be OK with the results of the game of chance — but only if he won. He said he would likely challenge a loss to the House of Representatives.

Eaton, who has served in the Legislature for 19 years, said he’s in a partisan, political predicament. If he were to win drawing straws and Tullos challenges to the House, Republicans there hold a majority of 73 in the 122-member chamber and Eaton said he would expect The GOP to caucus and elect Tullos. Electing Tullos would give the House GOP a 3/5 supermajority, allowing the Republican leadership to pass tax and other bills without support from the Democratic minority.

Eaton said he has a lot of Republican friends in the House, and expects he would win if such a vote were by secret ballot. But it won’t be, and he said cards appear stacked against him. He has called for Bryant to call a special session, change the law and have a new election for the district. Shy of that, he said he’s uncertain whether he would make a challenge to the House if he loses the drawing of straws.

Clarion Ledger